Nueva Esperanza & New Life Leticia

Child sponsor and church plant in Leticia, Amazon Colombia

SOS Church Västerås is starting a child sponsor project (Nueva Esperanza) and a churchplant in Leticia, Amazon, Colombia.

In September 2017, a team traveled to Leticia, Colombia-Amazon from SOS Church Västerås. The team Pastor Josef and Roger and Nettan. Victor and Caroline had traveled in advance to prepare and launch Nueva Esperanza and New Life Leticia together with Jhon Fredy and Luisa. Jhon Fredy and Luisa are team leaders in New Life Leticia.

The preparation was a great deal about launching the New Life Leticia church plant, building relationships, strengthening and encouraging Jhon Fredy and Luisa in the work it involves planting a church. Through the relationships we created various activities; help with homework, prayer, Bible studies, Sunday services  and worship. We received a great response early and there were both children and adults at the different gatherings.

We could really see that there was a genuine interest in knowing more about who Jesus is.

Before Josef, Roger and Nettan arrived, Victor and Caroline had prepared a team that would be ready to conduct various activities during the week, such as: drama, sermon and hamburger party for children and adolescents in 5 different places in the Amazon. The team made a missionary trip to two different Indian villages along the Amazon River. The team saw God touching and heal people. Josef also had the privilege to marry a couple in New Life Leticia. Two young people from New Life Leticia were baptized. And on our Last Sunday afternoon, two guys from the team were out and offered free hair cut for boys in Barrio Nuevo.

It became a wonderful week in so many ways, and we created memories and relationships for life. We could not be more grateful.

Now the work of Jhon Fredy and Luisa continues as Team Leader in New Life Leticia. Their primary task is to exist for those who are opening up their hearts for Jesus in Barrio Nuevo -To lead them and be channels for what God has for them.They continue helping children with homework, prayer, evangelism, Bible studies and worship services.

Our primary concern in Nueva Esperanza, our child sponsor project is to make sure that the children who are most vulnerable and in great need get support from a sponsor in Sweden who can help meet their needs. With sponsors contributions from Sweden, children get help with school supplies, clothes, shoes, food or where the need is greatest. Jhon Fredy and Luisa finds out what is needed, buy it and hand it out to the child's guardian. We want to create hope and faith through Nueva Esperanza. Something that creates opportunities for a future, and above all, creates a better & dignified life - here and now.

See videos from the trip