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Josef & Isabelle Arnfjell

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Josef & Isabelle Arnfjell

SOS Church Västerås, multicultural and international

SOS Church Västerås started in 2011 with a small group of people. They had a great vision and a heart for the people of Västerås. What began as a humble dream and prayer of our pastors Josef and Isabelle Arnfjell has now grown into a community. During the weeks we share life together in the form of Homechurch, and every other Sunday we meet for Sunday Service.

SOS Church is a multicultural international Church for the whole family.Our ambition is to be a relevant and trustworthy Church where everyone is welcome.

We are part of a bigger movement sweeping over the world with a simple truth: God is good! Our ambition is to function as a family and we have a dream of growing a true christian community.We want to impact our world with hope, show that every person is unique and that we all are part of something bigger. Our lives makes a difference.

Every week we have Homechurch. We meet in our homes and share our life together – in life´s ups and downs, with prayer and the Bible to show us the way. Love God, love people and love life!

We look forward meeting you, welcome!

Jim and Lynn Jarman

Jim and Lynn Jarman

Jim and Lynn Jarman are multiplication catalysts for the Church Planting. You often hear them saying, "We love church planters!" and "We are better together". They coach and mentor network pastors and leader teams and set up strategies for new churches in new places. They also work close to leaders in other European countries as part of their mission. Jim and Lynn are originally from the United States and have been involved in several church plantations in America and were also pastors of an international church in Haag, The Netherlands. They have a multicultural family with 4 children and 6 grandchildren.


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